P.P. "Kremenchukgumotechnika"
39701, Magistralna 2, v. Pischane, Kremenchuk district,
Poltava region, UKRAINE
Tel +38 0 536 700-238;
+38 0 536 700-579;




Investment Potential

Kremenchukgumotechnika invites to cooperation of foreign partners with famous name in precision molded rubber+metal field for creation at our baseline high profitable enterprise using Ukrainian salary advantages and nearness to Europe. Cooperation can be realized as in the form of investments for expanding of already existing production, as in form of joint construction of new production capacities. We have reserve production space to install additional equipment, can build new industrial facilities in shortest terms and with least costs. Our factory has secured deliveries of the electric power (directly from two different electric mains 10000 KW), natural gas (we are near compressor station of the Russia-Europe gas transmission pipeline), is situated in 4,5 kilometers from the proximal settlement - that is very important in the ecological attitude, has free territory for constructing - about 15 000 m2, and also has an opportunity to acquire from the State lands for own industrial purposes. We can pick up competent staff for new production. We are sure that together we can find with you mutually advantageous directions of activity. From our's part we guarantee a honesty and decency in relations with partners.

We think that Ukraine will be a part of European economy, like Czechia, Poland etc., so we are preparing our company structure to supply rubber products to European manufacturers. Business inquiries, please, send by e-mail: sales@elastotechnic.com.


Kremenchukgumotechnika - Planned Structure

New shops
added in 2011 - two buildings of 720 m2 in total

August 2011 - two new buildings of 720 m2

...are ready for installation of any equipment