P.P. "Kremenchukgumotechnika"
39701, Magistralna 2, Pischane, Kremenchuk district,
Poltava region, UKRAINE
Tel +38 0 536 700-238;
+38 0 536 700-579;

We specialize in production of oil-seals (rotary shaft seals) and other rubber-metal bounded products. Also we make: rubber parts for brake systems, radial shaft seals, silent-blocks, protective rubber boots, different rubber plugs, caps and grommets for cable systems, water and gear pump seals, rubber glands and gaskets, shock-absorber seals, vibration isolator or mounts, o-rings and other packing elements.

Mainly we produce:

245-1701120 (1.2-24х40-1)


Nitrile Rotary Shaft Seals/Oil-seals (NBR)

DIN 3760, DIN 3761, GOST 8752-79, ISO 6194

with garter spring

working edge can be mechanically trimmed or formed in mold - by customer demand

sulfur (black) or peroxide (blue) compounds

Комплект двигательных манжет ЗМЗ-406

Polyacrylic Rotary Shaft Seals/Oil-seals (ACM)

with garter spring

trimmed working edge, hydrodynamic helixes

color: black


2101-1005160 FPM (Манжета коленвала задняя)

Манжета 1.1-85х110-5 ГОСТ 8752-79

2101-1005034 (FPM)


Fluoroelastomer Rotary Shaft Seals/Oil-seals (FPM/FKM/VITON)

by DIN 3760/3761, GOST 8752-79, ISO 6194

with garter spring

several types of fluoroelastomers for different medias:
type A, B, F, GLT, Aflas, Kel-F (fluoroelastomer #1) etc


Diamine, bisphenol or peroxide cured

Standard colors are: red (Viton), black (for KEL-F, Aflas etc)

Possible additional colors: green, brown



Манжета 201-1005034 (64х95х10), фторкаучук




NBR, EPDM or MVQ (Silicone) Rubber-Metal Shaft Seals for Washing Machines (for Water)

with stainless garter spring

special mold technology available for producing of water seals with two dust lips

peroxide or sulfur cure system

special design - by customer demand

Манжета 1.1-100х125-5 ГОСТ 8752-79


Large Diameter Oil-Seals (Trucks, Buses, Agriculture etc.)
by DIN 3760, GOST 8752-79, ISO 6194, customer's drawing

with garter spring

We can stamp or roll metal case up to 550 mm O.D.


2101-1005034 FPM

B1 type shaft seal (open metal case)Oil-seal


Open Metal Case Rotary Shaft Seals (Oil-Seals) and Bearing Seals

(non-fully rubbered metal case)

with garter spring

Hardmetal stamping with automatic post chamfering and automatic glue (adhesive) applying

Phosphate treated metal case as standard method (for oil inside & outside)

Bearing seals can be produced with Zinc coated metal case using materials: NBR, EPDM, ACM, FPM, MVQ, text can be marked directly on metal case.


Shock-absorber seals and Different Rubber-Metal products

with one or two garter springs

Seal should withstand to 2 millions cycles of  lengthwise movements during testing


Polychloroprene (CR) Rubber & Rubber-Metal Boots

zinc treated outer metal case

FPM valve stem sealACM valve stem seal


Valve Stem Seals

Materials: FPM/FKM/Viton or ACM

with garter spring

Standard colors for FPM are red, green, for ACM - black

Company has 4 super high speed stamping lines "Raster" to produce metal case in high volumes - from 200 to 1200 pcs in minute




EPDM Rubber Seals for Hydraulic Brake Cylinders (Brake parts)

Working in DOT-3/DOT-4.

Seals are manufactured using transfer molding technique. V-ring seals are trimmed on precision machines.

Ring-type brake seals with all working surfaces are polishing on special automatic machines (4 pcs).

Base elastomers origin - from Europe and USA only, peroxide cured, low compression set, best compound properties


IR/SBR Vibroinsulators, Spark-Plug Caps, O-Rings,
Car Suspension Parts, other Molded Rubber & Rubber-Metal Products



Silent-blocks (Rubber-Metal items)

Good rubber to metal bond

2108-1307013 Сальник водяного насоса


Rubber-Metal Face Seals, Mechanical Seals and other Rubber-Metal Items

NBR oil-seal

O-ring from fluoroelastomer of VDF+CTFE type for chemical industry - resistant to special medias like chloro


O-rings from various materials
On the picture - Fluoroelastomer of VDF+CTFE o-ring for chemical industry - working in water chlorinator (100% concentration).

We also produce Viton A (or Viton B, F, Kel-F, Aflas etc. by request) o-rings of standard red color.

NBR oil-seal

NBR rotary shaft seal without spring


Different type cardan shaft (driveshaft) seals

Can be manufactured in very big quantities (about hundred thousand in a week on 1 molding machine - supported by automatic high-speed metal stamping 200-1200 pcs/min).


Shaped Molded hoses





Engine Seals
Transmission Seals
Monotube Shock Seals
Twintube Shock and Strut Seals
Power Steering Seals
Bearing Seals
Light Axle Seals and Heavy Axle Seals
Industrial Oil Seals
Mechanical Face Seals
Track Roller Seals
High Pressure Seals
Aerospace Seals
Valve Stem Seals
Wheel end seals


Static Engine Seals
Static Transmission Seals
Boots/ Bellows
Plug & Seal Connectors
Joint Seals
Gas Seals 


Torsional Vibration Dampers
Engine Mount Systems
Center Bearing Support
Linear Mass Dampers
Jounce Bumpers
Body & Chassis Mounts
Spring Seat Isolators




Oil pan gaskets
Rocker cover gaskets
Cylinder head gaskets
Cover gaskets
Rubber covered metal gaskets
Molded gaskets
Elastomeric gaskets


Piston seals, Bounded piston seals
Rod seals, Buffer Seals, and Wipers
Precision Wear rings
Back-up Rings
Ball Valve Seats
Automotive seals for suspension (including Banded Pistons), transmission, steering, air conditioning, and brake systems
Wide variety of standard and custom Industrial applications: cylinders, valves, low friction bushings, and others
Heavy Duty Hydraulics


Caliper Piston Seals
Caliper Piston Boots
Brake Booster Diaphragms
Brake Caliper Components
Brake Drum Components
Brake Booster Components
Brake Master Cylinder Components
ABS System Components

1.1-55x80-5 ГОСТ 8752-79
Манжета 2.1-65х90-5 ГОСТ 8752-79, фторкаучук СКФ-26
Ланос комплект